What You Need to Know About Selling a Property

What You Need to Know About Selling a Property

There are many ways by which you can sell a property so that the family earns additional income. You can sell through a real estate agent or to a cash home buyer. You can also sell at an auction, or make private arrangements directly with a buyer or through a mutual acquaintance. Before the deciding on which property sale method to go for, you must learn what works best in specific situations.

Immediate sale

If you need to sell your home in a week’s time or less, you can sell to real estate investors. If you don’t want the house anymore and the priority is to get it out of your hands, then this is your best option. There are many other reasons why you ought to work with specialist sellers instead of real estate agents. For instance, it is better to sell to an investor if you are involved on an estate sale, if you are going to relocate for a new job, or if you are faced with a foreclosure or dealing with bad tenants. If there is not much equity in the property, the best solution is an investor that is willing to take the problematic property from your hands and resolve pertinent issues.

Find a quick sale company with a good track record. Don’t settle with the first offer that comes your way. If you make hasty decisions you might lose out financially. It is also important to clarify first whether the company will buy the property directly or find a third party buyer instead. They are still the best recourse if there is a financial conundrum to sort out as soon as possible, or if the urgency of the sale is due to mitigating circumstances such as poor health in the family or marital problems.

Cash on hand

You only need to find the right buyer if you do not want to be bothered by home inspections and appraisals, or face the hassles of approved financing. If you prefer to expedite the process, you will ask for cash payment. Fortunately, there are private buyers that pay in cash. The alternative is to find a reputable specialist investor with a cash offer.

On negotiations and legal matters

Once you are assured that the person or company you are dealing with is a legitimate prospective buyer, prepare yourself to negotiate terms. The property owner must never hesitate to establish grounds. During the negotiation, remember not to allow the other party to pressure you into a decision. Perform your own valuation and make the comparison with the figures offered by at least three real estate agents and the prospective buyer’s assessors. You must not be satisfied with verbal assurances. Everything must be written down, and negotiations ought to be completely documented. Before signing anything, a trustworthy legal adviser should go through the papers in detail. But then, do not rely fully on your legal representation. You must also read the agreement and understand the contents fully. If some details are unclear or confusing, make the effort to clarify them before finalizing the contract.

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How to Sell Your Home to a Real Estate Investor

How to Sell Your Home to a Real Estate Investor

There are many reasons why you may need to sell your home quickly, yet doing so can be difficult. If your home is in great condition, in a desirable location, or just generally marketable, turning it over to an agent and listing it for sale may not be a bad idea. However, there are some properties which probably won’t sell as quickly on the real estate market. In cases where the property needs repair, has too little equity, or is in a deteriorating neighborhood, you should consider selling to a real estate investor.

Real estate investors are ready to purchase quickly, because they base their decisions to buy strictly on the numbers. Investors don’t have to love the house, and in fact, often buy homes that wouldn’t otherwise sell.


There are many advantages to selling to an investor that you won’t get if you list your home on the market.

  • Any Condition – You can sell your home in any condition, and avoid performing costly repairs that would be necessary to complete for other types of sales. Many investors purchase properties “as is”, so you eliminate the back and forth negotiations of what repairs are your responsibilit
  • Payment Options – There are a variety of ways an investor can pay for your home, which can help you find the best solution for your situation. Whether its certified funds, cash, or mortgage repayment, investors have options to purchase which aren’t otherwise available.
  • Get Cash Quickly – Many times, investors will offer cash as a payment for a property. Cash buyers are extremely appealing, and often in short supply on the real estate market. Using an investor gives you a chance to sell your home for straight up cash.
  • Sell Quickly – Many investors can close on the sale within one week. Traditional sales depend on home inspections, finance approval, and appraisals, all which take time to complete. Because selling to an investor eliminates these process, you can sell significantly quicker.

The Selling Process:

Once you’ve decided to sell to a real estate investor, the process can move smoothly and quickly. You should realize that many investors don’t buy homes at the current market value, so you probably won’t get an offer of more than 50 to 60% of your home’s worth. You should verify that you are using a reputable investor, whether they are the direct buyer or a wholesaler. Either way, you should verify that they can deliver on their promises.

Once you’ve settled on a price, both parties will sign a sales contract, which you should have your attorney review. The closing date is typically set within days, and you won’t have to pay any commission fees to an agent.

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Home Selling Guide

Home Selling Guide

 Selling home right now can be done by anyone. Support with much information that can be found through the Internet, one person can sell his or her home either by a real estate agents or selling the home by himself or herself. The high technology that you can find anywhere can be a tool for you to sell your home fast and at a reasonable price, etc.

But, whether you want to sell with an agent or by yourself, you need some guides in selling your home. There are steps in selling your home.

These are some quick guidance to sell your home:

1.            Preparation; show the very best condition of your home

Here is the first step to sell your home. Make a best first impression to your buyers so that buyers are attracted to buy your home. Get rid of dirt and rubbish, remove all clutter, repairs all flaws of your home, get rid of unused furniture to make it looks spacious

2.            Pricing your home effectively

A home that is priced right and reasonable will sell in a short time. You can use a third party service to give suggestion about your home’s value. Don’t price your home to low that you will loose money, and never set the price to high that the you will loose your potential buyers

3.            When To Sell

You also have to know the right time to sell your home. You surely want to sell your home in a good economic condition and strong demand for houses, which tend to be stronger in June and July. If you sell your home at the right time and a good preparation, you will get the highest price of your home than your prediction

4.            A Bit About The Costs Involved

You should also involved any costs that you have spent in selling your home, whether it is attorney costs, closing costs, advertisements costs, etc

5.            Selling Privately 

Selling home by yourself is not as easy as it seems but it is worthy to do because you can save about 2-6% of your selling price. Selling your home privately is sure going to take a lot of time and effort for you to sell it.

6.            Selling At Auction

Selling at an auction can also be an option. But it is not a suggested option because it will cost you more money and also it is a volatile way in selling your home

7.            Get a real estate lawyer

You can make the flow of documents so easy and having a professional advice by getting a real estate lawyer in your selling process

8.            Marketing your home

There are many ways to market your home:

·              Writing your sell ad

·              Home Photos:  a picture can describe a thousand word

·              Lawn signs

·              Open houses

·              Home Brochures/Information sheets

·              The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) provided by the agents

·              You are your home’s best salesman


These guides will help you to sell your home. Never hesitate to ask for professional advices if you meet some problems while you are in the middle of selling process.

Good luck and have a nice day

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Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Getting Your House Ready to Sell

How can a buyer get interest for purchasing your house? Impression is the keyword. You just need to get your house ready to sell by doing some preparation. Get inspected by a professional if you want to pay a little effort for maximum results, or if you don’t want to spend much money by paying professional you can do by yourself for getting your house ready to sell.

Now that become a question, how to get your house impressed a buyer? Those are the steps for getting your house ready to sell to a buyer.

Beautify your exterior
What you do is just beautifying. The goal is to make your exterior look pretty and fresh to impress your buyer. Just to inform you that the exterior becomes the first impression to overlook a house. There are two sensory organs of a buyer you must impress. Those are eyes and nose. By bringing the garden homelike condition to your house exterior, making it looked pretty and freshening it up. The steps you can do are:
–    Get the grass, trees, flowers, and plants tidy and fresh by mowing and watering it
–    Clean up the curb and entering path and put the potted flower in the sides.
–    Freshen up the smells by put scented potpourri.
–    Clean up all of windows and entering doors.
–    Get rid of equipments out of sights.
–    Paint the walls if necessary.

Make the Cosy Interior
After buyer got impression from your house exterior, do some simple works to get the cosiness of your house interior. It aims to make a buyer feel homelike buy entering your house. These are the steps:
–    Clean up the tile floors; scrub it if there are some bad spots.
–    Get rid of spider net from your ceilings.
–    Wash the carpets with a fragrant soap.
–    Get your furniture placed tidily and gets rid of unnecessary one.
–    Brush the closets
–    Clean the garage, basement, and attic
–    Get the windows opened and clean, it will bring freshness to your house inside
–    If you have pets, bath them.
–    Put some fresh fragrance in air conditioner.

Repairing and Replacing
Some Repairing and replacement is necessary to do, if there are some broken furniture, equipment, or appliances. Just check out:
–    broken or missing door
–    cabinet handles
–    ceilings
–    ventilation filters
–    broken tiles in bathroom and kitchen
–    faucet
–    wallpaper
–    some furniture

Get your friends’ opinion
Assume some friends like a buyer, and get some advice and suggestion to make your house get more ready to sell. And the most important thing is your friends feel your home like their own home.

Hope this helps

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